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affiliate marketing agency blue nightshades

The place for affiliate & partnership management

We manage, optimize and scale affiliate & partnership campaigns
on advertiser/brand side

Clear fee structure

We operate on a transparent and clear fee schedule, which helps to forecast costs.

Optimizing affiliate & partnership campaigns

Budgeting, Consolidation, ROI optimization.

Red Carpet Support

Premium campaign management on-site, on demand services by Senior level consultants.

Campaign Design

Starting with an referral, affiliate or partnership Campaign? We help to integrate your affiliate campaign with your Out-of-home or branding initiatives. From tech implementation to maintenance we scope the full spectrum.


Affiliate marketing needs to be branded as a B2B campaign. Referral program is the true opposite (focusing on word of mouth efforts), Partnership is about co-branding with a clear focus, we help to target the right markets for maximum performance.

We are driven by Goals

We are aiming to play an important role in the accomplishment of referral and affiliate campaign goals, in the commencement of performance related ambitions by offering more than two decades of industry leading expertise.

Your Campaign Progress

Working together

We are a group of affiliate marketers, together we have 45 years of experience in referral, affiliate and partnership campaigns. Book 60 minutes meeting today to see what we can do to get your campaign up to speed.

“Outstanding service with our market entrée. They helped us to reconsider our strategy! ”

Julia, Germany

“Affiliate marketing is very broad, three major and complex fields are touched, Thank you for the training!”

William, The Netherlands

“Our affiliate manager was pregnant, we value her, so we got temporary replacement from bns, now they are training us once a month ”

SEAN, London UK

A demanding project is about to commence?

Are you operating in an exhausting environment such as Finance or Crypto?
Or are you about to start a full scale Influencer or Finfluencer marketing campaign with a performance component?
All efforts need to be align with your tradional marketing campaigns?

Learn about our high Service Level or Red Carpet Service Campaign management solutions.
We offer OD, ATW, OS services for our top AM-operators.