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About Us

Our Story

We have founded blue nightshades in the late of 2010 to bring a compressed knowledge to the field of online marketing. Ever since we have grown.

Our Journey started when we have been working for major affiliate networks. There we first hands experienced what it means if an affiliate campaign is not getting the desired attention. We have seen our great brands where not able to handle their performance initiatives.

So we though: We have the knowledge to increment brands their online sales efficiently and effectively by managing their affiliate efforts.

Vision and Mission

We are driving the adoption of proven performance marketing concepts to organizations operating in the digital space. 

We are making referral, affiliate marketing and partnership marketing accessible to digital organizations by offering: transparent advice, a deep expertise and clear project management. 

We are aiming to play an important role in the accomplishment of goals, in the commencement of performance related ambitions by offering more than two decades of industry leading expertise. 

We bridge the traditional and groundbreaking. With the utilization of proven traditional concepts, modern AI- technology for clear data analysis, industry leading project management frameworks like SCRUM, Agile & Lean Six Sigma, security and compliance protocols, we offer our clients the best of all worlds and contribute to the success of their digital performance marketing initiatives.

Costs effective

Clear fees, clear projections will help to drive a desirable ROI.

Deeply Committed

We are passionate about referral and affiliate marketing. 45+ years in the industry make us a known institution in certain sectors.

Highly Skilled team of 6

SCRUM, Agile Leadership, Six Sigma, we are proven experts in tracking technology and project management.






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Campaign manager


Campaign manager