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Top 10+ Tools For Affiliate Marketing

Our favorite Affiliate Marketing Tools to Boost Sales

What tools are needed for affiliate marketing? What affiliate marketing software, affiliate management software, or affiliate tracking software are successful businesses using today? Many articles that provide answers to these questions are aimed at helping affiliates work smarter. Think about Link cloaking and redirecting tools: to hide long and ugly affiliate links. Or Link management platforms: to track clicks and conversions. Instead we compiled a list of usefull tools from the affiliate advertisers’ perspective. Is that you? Complete your list of usefull tools and resources now!

10+ Tools Every Affiliate Marketer Needs

great affiliate marketing tool

Discover if competitors are running an affiliate campaign

This free chrome extension highlights advertisers with affiliate programs in your broweser. Find all affiliate programs while searching Google and browsing the web.

link research tools

Analyse link redirects to solve tracking issues

The most comprehensive (free) backlink analysis software you can find that will help you troubleshoot links issues such as redirect repair and link structure fixing.

essential tool affiliate marketing

Find new affiliates in specific content niches

Affiliate marketers are practically blind without proper SEO tools. Ahrefs is usefull for a lot of things, but mostly we use it for content gap analysis and keyword research.

crm tool for affiliate marketing 2023

An Intuitive CRM to Better Support & Manage Partners

In sales, spreadsheets and email tools are only a baseline. To drive sales consistently, you need advanced software solutions that will help nurture and grow partner performance.

tool to discover affiliates email

Get the email addresses behind any website

This chrome extension lets you find professional email addresses from websites in seconds and connect with the potential affiliates that matter for your business.

benchmark affiliate offers resource

Benchmark your affiliate offer with competitors

Founded in 2009 by affiliate marketers, OfferVault is the internet’s best resource for affiliates to find affiliate offers, connect with affiliate networks and verify their reputation.

make affiliate banners

 A free-to-use online graphic design tool

Canva is a graphic design tool that allows you to create and edit stunning visual content for your affiliates such as banners, social media graphics, and more.

email automation tool affiliate management

Engage with affiliates via smart email marketing

Easy to use automation & email marketing platform that will help you send the right message at the right time to activate affiliates and provide them with useful content.

partner marketing platform

Omnichannel Partner Marketing Platform‍

Affiliate management software that tracks every performance channel. It allows affiliate marketers to manage campaigns, track conversions, and analyze performance data.

partner discovery platform

Easily find and activate new partners

Crossbeam watches your partner ecosystem and automatically surfaces the data, people, and companies you need to grow revenue efficiently.

landing page builder free

Quickly build and optimize your own landing pages

Create and optimize landing pages, pop-ups and sticky bars without the need for coding or IT assistance. Features include A/B testing, analytics, and integrations with email tools.

affiliate analytics tool google

Best tool for analyzing affiliate marketing data

GA4 tracks data across websites and apps. Unique IDs that can be assigned to users, help affiliate marketers to understand how and where their platforms are being accessed.